Controlling System

Office Staff controlling systems generally used by Companies

Bio-Matrix Attendance

CCTV Camera

Phone control by Epbx

Internet security

Computer Lan / Wan

Door open by Id-Card

Problems of Field Staff ( Marketing / Service / Site Staff ) One & Only One Solution Is

Sleeping in garden

working hours so many field staff sleep in garden & waste time at tea stalls.

Part time work for others

In working hours some field staff work on commission base for other company like insurance, personal business.

Staff stay at home

Insteadnof going in tour, staff stay at home & show false tours.

Staff does not work

Staff gives false reporting of expenses & working hours in company

Staff attend personal functions

Staff attend marriages & social functions in working hours

Staff met with accident

Company cannot help the staff incase he meets with accident during working hours


Ex : Company’s working hours - 10.00 am - 6.00 pm (8 hours) but, Staff reach there at 11.30 am and leave at 3.30 pm (4 hours)

Tracking is not Possible

Instead of going in field, Staff stay Full day at home and do false reporting, that he is in field.

False Reporting

Staff reach late at decided place & left it earlier, meet less party & do false reporting to show his performance.

No Online Reporting

Staff has to prepare manual reports of the work done in the field.

Salary Expense

Marketing & service staff gives reporting data at office when he came. So, online latest data is not available at any time.

App Useful For Field Staff

  • Marketing

    Corporate Sale @ Office, Order Taking at Shop, Industrial / Site Marketing, Door to Door Marketing, Many more..

  • Service

    Repairing at Home Repairing at Office, Repairing at Industry, Repairing at Site.

  • Site

    Builders & Contractors, Engineering Projects, Government Contractors, Railway, Bridges, Dam work Many more..

Features of Staff Care

  • Staff Location

    Current Location of staff can be seen from here.


    • Admin can see that staff reached in field or not to increase their performance.
    • If any inquiry or complain from the area nearby the staff location than it can be transferred for fast solution.
    • If staff is in any trouble like accident or health problem company can see his location to help.
  • Staff Route

    Staff's route on which he move full day that can be seen here.


    • Staff reached in field as per planning at proper time and leave at proper time or not.
    • On which route he has travelled can also be known to admin.

Online Attendance

Start Attendance

When Field Staff Start his day from home, he has to do entry in Start Attendance.

What :His Date, Time and Location will be auto captured and he will enter his detail of today’s work plan and he can enter his vehicle meter reading with photograph.

Why : This information is helpful to office for monitoring site supervisor and guide him. (In case of emergency like accident, health problem this information is very important.)

End Attendance

When Field Staff came back to home, he will make entry in End Attendance.

What : His Date, Time and Location will be auto captured and he will enter work done detail with his vehicle meter reading with photograph.

Why : This information is helpful to know that at which time he came back to home and how much kilometers he has travelled today.

Attendance Report

Admin : Date wise day start and day end detail report is available for calculating staff's attendance with his working hours and kilometers travelled by him.

Staff :He can view that on which date he has worked for how many hours..

benefit : Company will get Staff’s online attendance and daily kilometer travelled by him.

Entry System

Visit Entry


Start Visit (with Location & Time )

Before starting customer meeting or service, staff will do an entry in Start Visit.

What : His Date, Time and Location will be auto captured, he has to enter only party name.

Why : This information is helpful to office to know that at presently where the staff is?


End Visit (with Location & Time )

After completion of every service or marketing meeting staff has to do end visit.

What : His Date, Time and Location will be auto captured and he has to enter other details.

Visit Detail : Whom he met, Work done, What next etc.

Photograph : Can take photo of Visiting Card/ Product/ Sign-board.

Follow Up : Person can set next follow up date of that client.

Payment Rec : If payment is received, that can be entered.

Why : This information is helpful to know, what he has done today.


Visit Report

Date wise / Zone wise.


  • Online Data Entry :- Company will get online all information of all visit, So no need of data entry at office.
  • Stop False Reporting :- Many time staff’s visit book timing & actual visit timing is different. But with mobile app, we get start & end visit location & time. In that location must be same.

Area Wise Visit & Order Entry


Area Wise Visit

Executive can view list of his clients Area/Route wise.

He can get Visited /Pending /All Clients filter view of particular tour days.

Hence he can do start visit and end visit of respective client easily.


Area Wise Order

Executive can take order of clients came in particular Area or can take order from shops came under particular Distributors.

End of the day he can view the list of his visited and pending clients.


  • Executive’s time will be saved as he can complete all visits in one area fastly.
  • New staff can easily contact clients of particular area.
  • On line reporting to the office.

Expense Entry


Expense Entry

Daily expense of bus/train Fair, food, hotel, petrol, auto etc.
can be entered by staff in his mobile & that can be seen by admin.


Sanction Expense

Manager can verify, approve & comment the staff expenses from website or in his mobile
at office, home or while traveling.


Expense Report

Date wise : On which date how much expense done by staff that can be seen here

Expense wise Summary : Which type of exp. Like (Bus fair, food, auto etc..) is how much done by staff that can be seen>


  • Staff doesn’t need to maintain Expense Sheets day wise, all bills & tickets to show at office.
  • Online and on time data entry is possible. So less chances of false expense & information.
  • Staff gives expense detail when comes at office. Up to that time tickets & other proof might lost. So this problem can me erased.
  • Photographs of Tickets & Bills also can be taken by staff

Collection Entry / Pending Collection Entry


Payment Collection Entry

When In field when staff collect payment at that time he has to do it’s entry here.

What Staff can enter Date, Party, Type of collection (like New Sale, AMC , Service charge), Collection amount, Cash or Cheque , if cheque than Bank Name, Branch, Cheque. no. etc.

Status Amount deposited in bank or handover to office can be entered. Rest amount is with him that can be known by office.


Pending Collection

Zone wise, Party wise latest pending collection list in mobile.


Collection Report

On which date how much amount is collected by staff & in that how much % commission he will get. Total collection and total commission can also be seen by him.


  • Admin can see that how much collection done & where it is (with Staff / Office / Bank ).
  • Staff can do party’s pending collection recovery easily without demanding pending recovery list regularly from office.

Sales Entry


Sales Entry

When Staff sale any product or services he will do sales entry

WhatStaff can enter Date , Party, Sales type (like New Sale, Repeat Sale, Spare parts, AMC etc…), Sales amount, his commission percentage.


Sales Report

Staff can see details of sales done by him

CommonHow much sales he has done & on that how much commission he will get.

Date WiseOn which date how much rupees sale done by him.

Type WiseWhich type of sales of how many Rs., he has done (New / Resale etc. )


  • Sales position can be tracked by admin.
  • Staff can see his total sales & commission for given period.

Leave Application and Sanction Leave Application and Sanction


Leave Application by Staff

Staff can apply for leave online from his mobile. Types of leaves (like Medical, Casual or paid leave etc..) Reason, from which date & for how many days leave required can be applied


Online Leave Approval by Manager

Before sanction leave admin can check :

In his department any other person is on leave on same dates for or not.

How much leave that staff has taken till date.


Online Leave Status

Staff can view in his mobile that admin has sanction or cancel his leave with reason.


Leave Report

Type of Leaves ( Like: Medical leave, Casual Leave, Paid Leave etc.) he has taken.

How many times staff has taken the leave and for how many days he has taken the leave


  • If field staff is on tour then also he can directly apply for leave without coming to office and know whether his leave has been sanctioned or not.
  • Admin has proper online information of staff’s past leaves and which type of leave he has taken for how many days ?

Complains / Follow ups / Inquiry

New Complain

Reception staff or any other staff can enter the complains or inquiry of party from website or mobile.

Handover Complain

The complain came in office & entered by the operator can be seen by manager in his mobile or website. He can handover it to specific staff online.


Staff can see that complain detail, with Name, Address & charges to be taken in his mobile and can plan to solve it..


Staff can close that complain after visit from his mobile.


  • Staff does not need to maintain complain manually.
  • As the staff’s current location is known, new complain transfer is easy for instant support.
  • To handover complain/ inquiry and keep watch on it is not a big problem.
  • Follow up of complain to staff, or that complain is closed or not can be known.

Order Taking

  • Order Taking

    Sales staff can enter order in his mobile with party name, date and detail.

    Multiple items with quantity and price can be entered in mobile app.

    All the order data can be synced online to the server.

  • Live Data at Office

    Within few seconds Party wise order data will be available to office.

  • Fast Delivery possible

    Fast Delivery and dispatch of product is possible by office staff.

  • Benefits

    As live data of order taken is available to office, so 20% time is saved.

    Every thing is on line and on time so staff becomes more productive.

    No manual and repetitive work to be done.

    Field staff doesn’t have to place the order on phone so less chances of making mistakes..

How It Works

Manager’s Mobile

Admin Website

24 X 7


Site, marketing Staff

GPS Satellite

Owner’s Mobile

Mobile Apps Screens - Staff Care

Staff Privacy

    No Location Tracking On

  • Week off : Sunday

    Holidays : Diwali, Holi etc.

    Personal Leave : Taken by staff through app.

    Location Access in office Time Only. Example: 9:00 – 7:00

  • But, If Staff Start Tour

    Before Office Time, then Location will be accessed.

Mobile Required for App

    Mobile Features Required

  • For Location - GPS in mobile is required (Not AGPS)

  • Battery Life - More than 1800 mah.

  • For Internet - 2G / 3G Required.

  • Size Of Mobile - More than 4inch.

  • Android Mobile - Version 4.0 Up Required.

Loss to Company

Company is doing approx. Expense Per Staff / Day as under

Outstation Staff Exp. Per Day Expenses
Salary of Staff Approx. (Min. to Max. ) 10000 30000
Salary of Staff Approx. (Min. to Max. ) 15 15
Per Day Salary 667 2000
Bus/Train Fair, Auto, Petrol, Parking etc. 250 700
Food (100 to 200, 1 to 2 time) 100 300
Out side Allowances Per day (200 to 400) 200 400
Per Day Cost Per Person 1217 3400
Average Expense Per Out Station Touring Person 2308
Local Staff Exp. Per Day Expenses
Salary of Staff Approx. (Min. to Max. ) 10000 30000
Approx. Field staff will go 25 days in Local 25 25
Per Day Salary 400 1200
Allowances, Petrol, Misc. Exp. Per day (100 to 200) 100 200
Per Day Cost Per Person 500 1400
Average Expense Per Out Station Touring Person 950

Staff work for Less Hours and do False Reporting results

Profit = Income - Expense

So, Company’s Profit Decrease

Save Rs. 1 Crore in 5 years

Loss by Staff Mischief - ( For 20 Field Staff in 5 Years

Detail Out station touring staff Local field staff
Average Expense Per day 2300 950
Showing Present but Not working
5 Person, 4 Days not working 46000 19000
5 Person, 2 Days not Working 23000 9500
5 Person, 1 Days not Working 11500 4750
5 Person, 4 Days 1/2 Day working 23000 9500
5 Person, 2 Days 1/2 Day Working 11500 4750
5 Person, 1 Days 1/2 Day Working 5750 2375
10 Person, 6 Days 1/4 Day working 34500 14250
5 Person, 4 Days 1/4 Day Working 11500 4,750
5 Person, 3 Days 1/4 Day Working 8625 3653
Monthly Loss 175375 72438
Average Per Person / Month Loss 8769 3622
Monthly Loss 175375 72438
Yearly Loss 21 Lakhs 8.5 Lakhs
5 Years Total Loss 1 crore 5 Lakhs 42.5 Lakhs

    Benefits to Management

  • Staff's current location and and route on Map
  • Safety of staff by location tracking
  • Increase productivity of Staff
  • Reduce Overtime & Expenses of company
  • Reduce administrative costs of company
  • Online Staff Management system
  • Online staff live reporting
  • Increase profit by, reduce false expense
  • Company News & Events on mobile
  • Messages from company without cost

    Benefits to Manager

  • Online Field Staff's Attendance
  • Online Customer Visit Entry
  • Online Expense Entry
  • Online Collection of cash / cheque
  • Online Leave Sanction system
  • Online Complain Handover to Staff
  • Online staff's location and route
  • Online staff reporting
  • Create tour plans and assign to staff

    Benefits to Staff by mobile

  • Online Tour and Visit Entry
  • Online Order Taking and Delivery
  • Online View Pending Recovery
  • Online Item's Price, Detail and Photo
  • Online Future Tour Plan Approval
  • Online Sales and Commission
  • Online Expense Entry
  • Online Leave Sanction system
  • Online Customer's detail can be seen
  • Online Work to do & Notes

Useful for Marketing

Marketing Manager, Team Leaders, Executives, Vehicle Driver, Payment Collection Staff ( For Online Reporting, Monitoring And Controlling of Field work. )

Concept / Service Sale

Any service providers, Insurance, MF, Website, Banking/Mobile/Credit Card


Comp. hardware/software, Sales of tool/machines, Office equipment, Epbx etc.

Order Taking at Shop

FMCG Product Distributrs, Order taking at Shops, Dealer's staff visit in field

Pharma Co. Marketing

MR visiting the doctor, Medical store / distributor, For online live reporting

Useful for Service Business

Service Managers, Service Executives, Technician ( For Online Reporting, Monitoring & Controlling of Field work)

Repairing at Home

Water Purifer, T.V., Washing Machine, Refrigerator, AC, Oven, etc.

Repairing at Office

Computer, Printer repair, Water purifier, AC, Office equipments etc.

Repairing at Industry

FMCG Product Distributrs, Order taking at Shops, Dealer's staff visit in field

Repairing at Site

Lift repairing, Mobile / TV Tower repair, Construction / JCB / Crains

Useful for Site Supervision

Builders, Site Supervisor, Architect, Engineers ( For Online Reporting, Monitoring & Controlling of Field work)

  • Useful for Business

  • Builders & Contractors
  • Engineering Projects, Architect Firms
  • Government Contractors
  • Project Consultants, Project & Site Auditors
  • Asset Verification Co.
  • Railway, Bridges, Dam work
  • New Co. Site Developer, JCB work / Drilling Sites
  • Plants & Factory, Ports, Shipping & Custom

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