MGM Neema Infotrack is the GPS technology with affordable wireless coverage. The result is easily accessible mgm GPS tracking that improve efficiency and reduce costs.


MGM Neema Infotrack offers fuel management & monitoring solution for customers who wish to keep track of fuel refilling, Fuel theft and fuel consumption of their fleets.

GPS tracking Camera

Car Cameras from Spy Chest provide a level of protection that had previously been cost prohibitive. Now you can capture the action as you drive down the street.


Products and goods will often travel thousands of miles via land, sea, and air en route to the end destination , putting enormous pressure on trucking companies,..


In a basic RFID system, tags are attached to all items that are to be tracked. These tags are made from a tiny tag-chip, sometimes called an integrated circuit (IC),


The dynamics of business has changed and organizations are facing unprecedented global competition that they are compelled to work round the clock to service

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